Bring & Byte is part of the hub’s Joining the Dots programme, supporting game-changing ideas, sharing know-how and connecting people within independent music. It’s a playful think-tank, with some unashamed hot-housing.

Bring & Byte is an invite only affair; a carefully curated group of 30 curious and generous people to work on shared ideas that could be game changers for the independent music sector. At the end of the weekend there’s also the chance to pitch for £1000 seed funding to take things further.

From the music sector, we’ve invited artists, promoters, managers, agents and (other people with less straight forward titles!) who are curious about the future of the live independent music sector, and keen to explore new ways of doing thing.

From the tech world, we’ll be joined by creative technologists, developers, data scientists and coders. In both instances, we’ve invited people who are willing to bring their experience to the table, but are able to think beyond their own situation about the proverbial ‘big picture’.

Our focus at Bring & Byte is on three key areas:

New financial models…

The bottom line is that there is less money around. So what could be the new models for promoting gigs, touring and commissioning? What are the new relationships we need to develop, and on what basis?

Using technology to drive up live attendance and income…

We want to help people working in independent music to explore new ways of using technology to develop income streams around gigs. What are the new models? How can we better use technology to encourage people to go to gigs and spend more while they are there?

Developing younger audiences…

These days, people have access to an incredibly wide range of music, much wider than any point in history. If artists and promoters working in independent music are to have viable futures, it’s vital that they attract younger audiences. But with thousands of mainstream bands or gigs also vying for their attention, how can they do that? Is it about younger promoters? Different kinds of gigs? What about the sharing and curating culture that technology encourages?

Following initial scene setting and getting to know you type stuff on Friday, our Bring & Byters will start to congregate into a team on Saturday morning. Each team will then have 24 hours to work up their idea, before presenting it on Sunday.

The team whose idea is voted ‘Best in Show’ by those present will receive £1000 seed funding to develop their idea further, and get to air it at our One Dayer on 1 July, where they can get further industry feedback and input.